Stars and Scars -- You Be the Judge

by TMZ Staff | 1 day ago

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

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Kim and Kanye are closing the book on their marriage, and Ted Cruz may be closing the book on any 2024 Presidential run after his Cancun fiasco. So we gotta ask ...

Kim And Kanye's Divorce ...

Something Went Wrong
  • It's Sad
  • Better For Both Of Them

Kim Will Be Dating ...

Something Went Wrong
  • A Celebrity
  • A Social Justice Activist

Ted Cruz's Cancun Vacay ...

Something Went Wrong
  • People Will Forget
  • It's A Career Ender

I'm Going On Vacation This Summer ...

Something Went Wrong
  • F Yeah!!!
  • No Way

Prince Harry In 5 Years

Something Went Wrong
  • Happy He Left Royals
  • Filled With Regret

NASA's Perseverance On Mars ...

Something Went Wrong
  • Incredible!!!
  • Waste Of $$$

Whose Side You On?

Something Went Wrong
  • Tekashi
  • Meek

Climate Change Crisis

Something Went Wrong
  • We're Gonna Solve It
  • Nope, The End Is Near

I Stayed In Shape During COVID ...

Something Went Wrong
  • Yes, I Did!!!
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